About us



A collective of 23 local nongovernmental organizations, who share assistance to vulnerable populations in Kivu, acronym is COAV KIVU.

Apolitical structures, they are nonprofit, accepting members without discrimination, gender, religion, race or ethnicity. Recognized by the Congolese State, the COAV Kivu is a platform created 16 August 2006 and registered as No. 08 / DIVAS / NK / AS 02/2008. This is actually a framework for dialogue, exchange and harmonization of interventions on ground of its Member Associations. The COAV Kivu is concerned about the well-being of vulnerable people assisted by its members.

Currently, this platform has 23 member organizations six women's organizations.

It consists of four bodies which the general meeting, the board of directors, supervisory board and the executive secretariat.


Recipients of our members programs


Operating range

NGO member’s of COAV KIVU cover the entire Nord Kivu province in eastern DRC, with the possibility of extending activities to other provinces of DRCongo, according to the need.


Vision and mission

COAV-Kivu aims the socio-cultural and the economic well being of the basic communities and the promotion of individuals taking charge of their own lives. The COAV has the role of reinforcing technical and operational capacities of the NGO member’s, thus allowing all the vulnerable to have access to equal social protection which improves the access to the basic social services or reinforces their self taking in charge capacities.



The financial resources of the COAV Kivu come from entry duties, and annual contributions of members and the public or private interior and exterior resources. The financial resources of COAV Kivu are deposited at an official bank under the agreement of the board of directors.

The financial regulation must envisage the safety measures of the money liquid. Four signatures of which two of the board of directors and two of executive secretarial are valid for the withdrawal of the funds. These organs designate their agents who sign too in a cross way on cheque.