Women and children are the most vulnerable people in any crisis. In Kivu, they face the dangers of violence, malnutrition and diseases like cholera. They also miss out on the opportunity of education when conflict closes schools. There are so many vulnerable families that need assistance. COAV KIVU through different groups is assisting women to build the life and make income revenue activities, to reduce the amount of firewood women need to collect in unsafe and remote areas where rapes typically occur. The different activities they are trained to poverty of some of the families in the area.

  • One of the biggest issues facing the region is education for children. Only 1/3 of all children go to school due to school fees not available. When talking with people of the region that are vulnerable that is their biggest concern and they question where their children will end up. The schools themselves only 50% have roofs and walls. The classes have over 55 students in 50% of the students. 30 % have the nearest school 4 km away or further. The statistics in the schools based on orphans, extremely vulnerable, and unaccompanied children is one of the highest in the world. Schools must charge school fees because there are limited funds coming from the government. The school fees that are collected in most schools come to only 50% of the total that is required to run the school. We always ask where are children heading in this region?